Richard "Rich" Steiner
AVP, Training
(913) 661-2424 ext. 264

Mark Barnum
AVP, Operating Practices & Rules

(913) 661-2424 ext. 248

Jean Lubis
Director of Accounting & Administration 
(913) 661-2424 ext. 254

Alex Vahldick
Training and Certification Manager
(913) 661-2424 ext. 255

​Tim Befort
Business Development and Marketing

(913) 661-2424 ext. 257​

Brandie Ricks
Administrative Assistant

(913) 661-2424 ext. 262

Dennis L. Dinneen
Director of Training

Gary McClain
Training and Development Manager
Greg Golden
Commuter/Freight Training Specialist
Bob Bretch
Bill Copeland
Joel LaFleur
Training and Operating Specialists
Distributed Power

Joe Kurtz
Doug Maltby
Perry Smith
Training and Operating Specialists
Remote Control Operations

Robert “Bob” Walpert 
VP, Operations & Training, North America

(913) 661-2424 ext. 266

John Conklin, III
AVP, Engineer Certification

Mark Kotter
AVP, Railroad Operations

Thomas P. Haag
Director of Mechanical

George Elsmore
Consultant, Commuter Rail Operations

Hal Gibbs
Manager of DSRCO/RCL Operations

Billy Parker
Commuter/Freight Training Specialist
Gerry Woods

Maintenance of Way Training Specialist

Gordon Kessler
Randy Vigneaux

Mechanical Training Specialist 

Seth Cox
Tim Cusack
Roy Gudnason
Ken Gunn
Larry Jones
Jack McGinley
Real Morissette
Tom Nagle
Rob Wild

Training and Operating Specialists

Our Team of Seasoned Railroad Professionals

We have devoted our lives to railroading.  From switching cars to operating heavy tonnage trains over challenging territories or maintaining the equipment to high standards that assure reliability, the various types of operations have helped us become professionals when it comes to railroad training.

Rail Safety Training, Certification, Staffing, and Support​

Terese Jones
(913) 661-2424 ext. 239