​When a company contracts TCS to perform locomotive engineer and/or conductor certification administration, TCS manages the entire package.  That is how we are unique in the field - TCS is a turnkey, one-stop service company for employee training and certification.


Since 1991, TCS has been among the industry leaders in compliance of 49 CFR 240 regulations pertaining to Qualifications for Locomotive Engineers.  TCS guided and educated numerous railroads by writing, submitting and administering their Part 240 submissions to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).  TCS officials have made multiple trips to Washington, D.C. to advise, testify and assist several government panels and departments in fine-tuning the existing regulations. For example, conductor certification became effective in 2012.  TCS immediately implemented similar services to companies needing help with their conductor certification process.

TCS acts as a liaison between the FRA and its client railroads for all matters pertaining to the 240/242 regulations governing railroads in the United States.  Our extensive knowledge of and experience with the certification regulations is always current so that we can keep our clients informed on a timely basis.  If an audit is conducted by the FRA on a TCS client, TCS supplies all required documentation and represents the client to a satisfactory completion of the audit.

TCS' top management participates on FRA committees, conventions and has assisted the FRA in group presentations.  We have assisted the FRA in verbiage on several changes to the existing certification regulation.  Our forms, submissions, training programs, operating plans, reports, etc. are on file with the top regulators at FRA in Washington, D.C., and all meet or exceed the standards and criteria demanded of the governing agencies.

The certification regulations were designed to set standards for engineers and conductors and require that each railroad adopt its own program for determining qualifications.  These regulations mandated various requirements including the following:

  • Selection of Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers
  • Selection of Class of Service of engineers and conductors
  • Evaluation of the Safety Conduct of engineers and conductors
  • Evaluation of Hearing and Visual Acuity of engineers and conductors
  • Initial and continuing education and training programs for engineers and conductors
  • Testing of engineers and conductors
  • Operational monitoring of engineers and conductors
  • Administration of the certification program

TCS is the only non-railroad affiliated training company in the United States that offers both locomotive engineer and conductor certification administration and training.  This duality results in complete certification of the engineer or conductor as a fully trained, promoted and certified employee compliant with all Federal regulations.

TCS can provide all aspects of certification administration.  We plan submissions for railroad regulation compliance, customize programs to meet the client's needs, and provide all FRA-approved forms and training for engineer or conductor certification.  TCS can act as the issuing agent to provide the engineer or conductor with the license/certificate required by law to operate trains on the client railroad, and finally, individual engineer and conductor files are maintained for each railroad.  All certification documents are maintained in-house by TCS and are available for FRA audit, if necessary.

TCS has the unilateral right and responsibility to issue licenses at the completion of a TCS initial promotion or certification program. Included in a client's 49 CFR Part 240 and/or Part 242 submission is a declaration stating that TCS is the legal agent for purposes of issuing engineer/conductor licenses for that railroad. TCS is distinguished in its non-railroad affiliated status.  This allows TCS to act as a non-partial license issuing party for any client railroad.

We keep our clients informed of any changes made by the FRA to the certification regulations and then implement necessary submission amendments on their behalf.  Another benefit of TCS is that in the case of joint trackage responsibility, the interchanging of necessary documents with any other railroad becomes hassle free to our client.

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